Rock Your Run!

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If you listen to music during your runs, what do you listen to? How do you find your music?

For race days, I like to make a special playlist that I download so I’m not worried about my signal on my phone. Check out these websites:

You can match your goal pace to the tempo of the music and it really does keep you moving at the right pace.

What about just listening to music? Good ol’ Pandora or Spotify will give you a mix of running tunes that are in the genre that you like. You can either sign up for a small fee to forgo the commercials or listen to a few ads to get the music for free.

What do you listen to on training runs? (or in my case, commutes and dog walks too!)

I really enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks. A few of my favorite podcasts that are positive influences that get me thinking (whether it’s about life, nutrition, running, etc.):

  1. The Chalene Show
  2. Define Your Life with Shaun T
  3. another mother runner
  4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  5. TED radio hour

If you haven’t listened to the Serial podcasts – (where have you been?!?) and you should listen to them, for sure. Your runs will fly by!

All sorts of library books I’ve checked out on the Hoopla app for FREE from the library. I’ve listened to books about the latest exercise research, eating a wheat-free diet, removing toxins from my every day life. So – if you’ve got an interest, there’s an audiobook for you to listen to. Why not combine TWO hobbies?

Don’t forget to keep your music (or podcast or audiobook) at a reasonable level so you can still hear what’s going on around you, especially traffic. Some folks run with just one ear bud instead of two. Also, if you’re looking for the right way to carry your phone to listen, check out the previous blog post!

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