Phone a Friend!

Terry Sullivan /

In the modern era most people plug in and zone out while doing their long run. I personally hate running with any type of music playing. I find it much more rewarding and educating to run with a friend or running group. You do not need to have company with every run but the long ones are much easier with a friend. Do yourself a favor.

Want to meet new fitness friends? Most every city has running group and they love new blood. Don’t worry about being to slow for the group. Good groups will have a slower and faster group to run with. I can run a 3:14 marathon but I choose to run my long training days much slower. Long runs for me are just about time on my feet. One Saturday I might be running 11 minute miles and 7s the next. Veteran running groups love to share knowledge with newbies because we get sick of telling our same old stories to each other!

Get out and run this weekend should be perfect weather! Good luck, the race is almost here!

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