Make Finishing Your First Priority

Terry Sullivan /

The key to completing your first half marathon is making it to the starting line. Many new runners scour the internet looking for training programs until they find something that sounds doable. While this way works for most, don’t be afraid to modify the program. If you are constantly sore, lacking energy or just plain sick of running consider reducing speed and distance by 10%. Repetitive motion injuries are very common in runners so don’t keep overdoing it just because a random program tells you to do 10 miles on a day where you are just not up to it. On the flip side, if it seems way to easy adjust your speed and distance upwards by 10%. Just remember this is your first half marathon and goal times are good to strive for but don’t let them sideline you before you start. I find in almost all cases finishing is priority one and a fast pace is a bonus.

Good luck! 13 more weeks!

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