Don’t Let the Treadmill Ruin Your Running Career

Terry Sullivan /

This time or year, it is easy to give into the many valid reasons not to run outside. While treadmills are good alternatives, use them only as cross training like biking or using an elliptical. If you try to do all your training on a treadmill you are not using your hamstrings or glutes as you would running outside. By doing this you can cause muscle imbalances which can lead to injuries. If you must do a majority of your runs indoors set the incline to 1 or 2 which will compensate a little. I know it is hard but make plans to run outside even if it is only a few miles. I am happy to say that I have ran as far as 31 miles in subzero temperatures and did not freeze my lungs. Before you buy in to all the dangers of winter running try a little at a time you may enjoy it.

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